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Quickstart TV Box Guide

Hang on just a second, we're just getting a few things ready!

  • Why purchase MFC from MyDroidBox?
    We've been local My Family Cinema Agents for over +5 years, assisting South African's from the North-West to the South-East and pretty much everywhere else in-between. We make it our personal mission to ensure that each client experience is a fantastic one. Let us assist you through the process. As veteran approved MFC Partners (based in South Africa), we are knowledgeable, experienced and offer the best possible pricing to our clients exclusively. Join our happy family today! - Get quick and friendly advice - Get unbeatable special offers - Purchase safely and securely - Enjoy a quick online checkout - Choose from 7 easy ways to pay - Free after-sales support (SA) - Get absolute peace of mind - We are a member of Trustpilot CHOOSE MFC PLAN : Click Here.
  • What is My Family Cinema
    My Family Cinema is an Android personal media player application that collects, matches and automatically updates the latest news about the cinematographic industry, such as just released movies, popular series and biographies of famous actors and directors. By linking your cloud to the platform, find all your media content automatically sorted by Genre, Topic, Awards and many other categories. You can start streaming all of your favourites smoothly, ad-free and on the spot.
  • How does My Family Cinema work?
    Simply add your personal cloud media to the platform, have your content sorted into easy-to-browse categories and use the media player to play your favourite Movies or TV Series. With over +1,591,934 multimedia data files, My Family Cinema is packed full of entertainment supplements. Additionally, MFC is constantly updating the media file information. It supports HD and FHD streaming and provides subtitles in various languages.
  • How do I activate the My Family Cinema APP?
    Select your preferred My Family Cinema Plan from our website, make payment and await your login details via email. Please remember to check your inbox and spam folders, as they may end up in there. My Family Cinema Plans purchased on our website will require a Recharge Code at the time of renewal to extend access. These can also be obtained directly from MyDroidBox. CHOOSE YOUR PLAN : Click Here.
  • What devices can I use the My Family Cinema APP on?
    The My Family Cinema APP is only available on Android Devices. Most Smart TV's are evolving off Android and moving to their manufacturers own in-house operating systems. For example, Samsung now uses Tizen, LG uses WebOS and others are following suit. These do not support Android APP's and therefore the MFC APP is not compatible with them at this stage. An Android TV Box is the simplest and most cost-effective solution if you are stuck with this problem. These can be used in conjunction with already Smart or Non-Smart televisions and support all Android APP's. DOWNLOAD THE APP : Click Here. SHOP OUR TV BOXES : Click Here.
  • Can I use the MFC APP on my laptop or PC?
    The typical short answer is no, however in certain cases it is possible depending on your PC's hardware and software specifications. As mentioned above, the My Family Cinema APP is Android so you will need to install an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks first to be able to run the Android MFC APP on top of your Windows operating system. Install the Bluestacks 5 software and then install the MFC APP onto Bluestacks. (Ensure that you install Version 5, not Version X.) We can't guarantee your PC's hardware specifications are sufficient, but you'll have to try and see. We can provide a trial account for testing. BLUESTACKS V.5 REQUIREMENTS Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 and above. Processor : Intel or AMD Processor. RAM : At least 4GB of RAM HDD : 5GB Free Disk Space. DOWNLOAD : Click Here. NOTE : You must be an Administrator on your PC and have up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor. SHOP OUR TV BOXES : Click Here.
  • How fast should my internet connection be?
    We recommend a minimum internet connection speed of approximately 5mbps to adequately access the My Family Cinema APP. This speed does however depend on the internet load in your house, as multiple online devices connected simultaneously will slow down your connection.
  • What Payment Options Do You Offer?
    - Credit Card / Scan To Pay - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Gateway By Peach Payments OTHER PAYMENT PROVIDERS - Payflex - 1 For You Voucher - Capitec Payments - FinChoice Pay PEACH PAYMENTS An enterprise-grade digital payments service provider that enables online payments in Africa. They are based in Capetown, South Africa. - Credit Card (Visa / Master) - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Scan To Pay PAYFLEX A payment option for Payflex customers. Want more payment flexibility? Enjoy the first truly free payment plan in South Africa. Checkout with Payflex and pay only 25% of the purchase price today. Your goods are shipped immediately. You pay the rest over 6 Weeks at no additional cost. (Zero Fees, Zero Interest). Now that's shopping! 1 FOR YOU VOUCHER No card? No problem. Use 1Voucher to pay, play, shop, and top up online. 1Voucher is the safe and easy way to get your cash online. It’s bankless, cardless, and effortless. Book tickets, shop, play games, trade crypto and so much more. With endless options. Goodbye limits. Hello choice. For one and all. Redeem online using your 1Voucher 16 Digit PIN. It's that easy! CAPITEC PAY A payment option for Capitec customers. An easy, fast and safe way to checkout, pay bills or buy prepaid electricity and water online. You don’t need to enter your bank card details or share your banking login information. All you need when you use Capitec Pay is your cellphone, account or ID number. You can choose the account you want to pay from and authenticate the payment safely on our banking app, putting you in control. FINCHOICEPAY A payment option for Finchoice customers. Offering you key financial products and support for when you need it. Make sure that you’re in financial control with Funeral Cover, personal loans and a MobiMoney facility that gives you access to money, airtime, data and electricity.
  • What happens once I've placed my order?
    You'll be notified that we've received your order and payment via email immediately completion of your online order. We will dispatch your order to you via email. Please remember to check your inbox and spam folder for further details.
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    We typically dispatch My Family Cinema orders during our business operational hours, but may be sent anytime from the point of order. Delivery dispatch is also dependent on stock. Rest assured that you will receive your order, even if small unforeseen delays do occur.
  • What if my order doesn't arrive when expected?
    Don't panic, it's on the way to you. If you do have any concerns or questions though, please don't hesitate to contact us via the support page of our website. We'll follow-up immediately and provide you with an update on the progress of your order. If it's been longer than 24 hours and you haven't heard from us, please check your email spam folder first before making contact. Our email with your login details details may have inadvertently been diverted there as often occurs. CONTACT SUPPORT : Click Here.
  • How do I download and install the MFC APP?
    From your Android device and using your browser, download the APP directly from our downloads page for your Smart TV, Smartphone, TV Stick, Tablet or TV Box. DOWNLOAD THE APP : Click Here. Alternatively download the MFC APP on a PC and save the .APK file to a USB drive. Once the file is saved to the USB drive, remove the USB drive from your PC and plug it into one of your Smart TV or TV Box's available USB ports. Locate the USB drive on the TV Box's file system, locate the file and click it to install it to your device. Please note that your USB drive must be formatted to FAT32 file system or Android will not be able to read it.
  • My device won't let me install the MFC APP?
    First make100% certain that your device is genuine Android. For example, Samsung now uses Tizen, LG uses WebOS and others are following suit. These, while similar to Android are not Android and do not support Android APP's and you are therefore restricted to the manufacturer's APP Store and the often limited amounts of APP's that they offer. To ensure a quick and smooth installation process, please also check your Device's Security Settings and ensure that your APP's are configured to "Allow Unknown APP's or Sources" to be installed. Please note that the MFC APP will not install without this having been first correctly configured.
  • What does the term "Cloud" mean?
    The "Cloud" refers to servers that are accessed over the internet, all over the world that offer different services. Anyone can create a cloud account with their preferred server and store content there. My Family Cinema offers it's users the functionality to add their own personal clouds to the platform and use the media player to watch their content. After correctly adding a "Cloud" file or URL link, My Family Cinema automatically sorts the contents into easy-to-browse categories, loaded with information, actor bio's and much more.
  • How do I add my own personal "Cloud" content?
    1. Open the MFC APP and click the Cloud Icon. 2. Click on “+ Add Cloud” to import your content. NEXT CHOOSE YOUR METHOD 3. Select option “Add from internet” to link via a URL link. 4. Enter the link corresponding to your cloud and import it. OR... 3. Select option “Add from Local Storage” to link via .ZIP file from your device's hard drive or USB drive. 4. Select the file corresponding to your cloud and import it.
  • Which "Cloud" storage services are compatible?
    Currently, My Family Cinema is compatible with Mega and Redboxes. They are working to include more storages, such as Mediafire, Amazon Drive, PCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Why bind my contact details in the MFC APP?
    In the event that your device goes faulty or breaks, binding will enable you to login to the MFC APP on a new device using either your cell number or email address and the password you create. Should your device break and you haven't bound your details, you will require a new account to continue accessing the MFC APP. Your favourites and viewing history will all be lost with the device and account too. Binding your contact details, saves these and your preferences. You can then also login to other devices, like your Android Smartphone, Tablet, TV Box or Smart TV. Once you've logged into MFC, visit the Account Section of the MFC APP to bind your details.
  • Can I get after-sales support for MFC?
    Yes indeed, we offer free technical support services for both setup and general usage for our clients exclusively. We are based locally (in South Africa), so our response times are infinitely quicker than My Family Cinema's international help desk. If you are not our customer, but still require our services - you will be charged independently on a per hour basis. FOR LOCAL SUPPORT : Click Here.
  • What if I'm not happy with my order?
    Your satisfaction is very important to us. We make every effort to ensure that your experience with us each time is a great one. If you are ever unsatisfied with something, please contact us using the appropriate channels and we'll look into your concern immediately. CONTACT US : Click Here.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Refunds are only available for hardware purchases. My Family Cinema account purchases are final. We do not offer refunds for these, however we may be able to assist if we haven't yet sent you login details. Please note this is solely at our discretion. Once the login details have been dispatched via email, no refunds will be entertained under any circumstances.
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