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- Enjoy in HD or Full HD
- Auto-Updates Information
- Unlimited Views & Plays
- Just R41.58 Per Month
- Up to R389 Yearly Savings
- For One Screen Only

- Get Free Local Support (SA) 

Have 365 Days of fun on one profile and save a massive amount of money. (New Accounts Only.) Should you require a Recharge Code for your existing MFC Account, please Click Here. Access is renewable and billed annually. There are no contracts or user obligations associated with our subscriptions. Refunds are not possible after we have dispatched your login details to you.

MFC Basic Plan Year (Save 25%)

  • My Family Cinema is a personal media player application that collects, matches and automatically updates the latest news about the cinematographic industry, such as just released movies, popular series and biographies of famous actors and directors. By linking your cloud to the platform, find all your media content automatically sorted by Genre, Topic, Awards and many other categories. You can start streaming all of your favourites smoothly, ad-free and on the spot. With over +1,591,934 multimedia data files, My Family Cinema is packed full of entertainment supplements. Additionally, MFC is constantly updating the media file information. It supports HD and FHD streaming and provides subtitles in various languages. Try it today and immerse yourself!

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